Tides of Kawhia – first edition

Tides of Kawhia – first edition

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The first in the trilogy tells the story of a boy born into slavery in the highly stratified Maori society of pre-European New Zealand who grows into manhood in and around Kawhia. He is named Te Rou Rou and learns all the skill of the young men of Ngati Toarangatira including weaponry

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First Edition Published 2004. Out of Print

ISBN 0-7900-0978-1

Crammed with fascinating historical details, this novel introduces the reader to the enigmatic figure of Te Rauparaha. In the late eighteenth century, Kawhia is the prosperous heart of the people of Ngati Toarangatira. But, beyond the borders ominous changes threaten to drive the iwi from their coastal stronghold. In the north, Nga Puhi acquire muskets, and to the east the Waikato tribes cast envious eyes on the bountiful waters and forests of Kawhia. Into this mix the child Maui Potiki is born. He is later called Te Rauparaha, a name that today ripples down the pages of New Zealand history. The young Te Rauparaha uses his wits, courage and audacity to become a military strategist, accomplished politician and tribal leader. Sharing his exploits is Te Rou Rou, born into slavery who, like the young man of rank, uses intelligence to improve his status in the often dangerous tribal life of the time. When simmering animosities between the inland peoples explode into all-out-war, hundreds of warriors are left on the battlefield. In Tides of Kawhia, deadly fights and ancient Maori ritual mingle with delicate poetry and an impetuous hot-blooded people, bringing to life a period of history and a society unknown to many.

2 reviews for Tides of Kawhia – first edition

  1. Gaylene Adam

    The rituals, the daily life, the wars-It was fascinating to relate to places, people, the balance of nature and harvesting kai…and then to navigate the rawness of and marriage customs, slavery,and cannibalism – it was a delicate balance! Look forward to the next two books in the series! Highly recommend.

  2. Bernice Quaife

    Absolutely transported back in time, enthralling, informative and spellbinding. Love the narrative and feel history has been unfolded in a respectful way.

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