Pathways of Taranaki- first edition

Pathways of Taranaki- first edition


The second in the trilogy, tells the story of the forced migration of Ngati Toarangatira from their ancient homeland of Kawhia, through Taranaki towards a new home in Horowhenua and Manawatu.

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First Edition Published 2006. Out of Print. The second edition is coming soon.

ISBN  0-7900-1084-4

Rebellion, revenge, and bloody war threaten the uneasy alliances between Te Rauparaha’s Ngati Toa iwi and the many tribes of the North Island. Ngati Toa are weakened and depleted after many years of battle and resettlement, but still enemies from Waikato and Taranaki lurk unseen at the edge of their territory. Inside Te Rauparaha’s war party, the ageing warrior -slave Rou begins to have vivid dreams – portents of a dreaded future – even as he begins to win recognition for his bravery and ferocity in battle. The race for supremacy has begun, but what do Rou’s dreams foretell? What role will the Outsiders play in the coming war? and who will survive the battle? The only certainty is that the quiet days of Kawhia are over – they are at war!

Crammed with fascinated historical details and powerful traditional oratory from the late eighteen century, this searing sequel to Tides of Kawhia takes the reader even closer to the enigmatic figure of Te Rauparaha.


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