Pathways of Taranaki – second edition

Pathways of Taranaki – second edition

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Driven from their ancestral homelands of Kawhia and Taharoa by powerful tribes of Waikato and Ngati Maniapoto. Te Rauparaha leads his tribe, Ngati Toarangatira, south to Manawatu and Horowhenua in the largest known migration in New Zealand’s history. The second in the trilogy of the legend; Te Rauparaha.

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ISBN: 978-0-473-53904-7 Second edition published by Kirsten Wilson Publishing. Trade paperback. 150 x 230mm (6″ x 9″ a conventional novel size). 340 pages.

A historical novel on the life of New Zealand’s legendary fighting leader Te Rauparaha in the early 1800’s.  Pathways of Taranaki is the sequel to Tides of Kawhia and the prequel to Shadows of Kapiti. 

The trilogy reveals the little known and fascinating true stories of New Zealand’s Maori history at the time of early European arrival, especially Te Rauparaha and his tribe Ngati Toarangatira (Ngati Toa). Told through the eyes of a fictional character Te Rou Rou, the story draws on extensive written histories, oral traditions, ancient songs and knowledgeable elders. The tales of heroism, treachery, Maori cultural norms of the time and the spiritual influences on tribal life are all historically accurate.

Driven from their ancestral homelands of Kawhia and Taharoa by powerful Waikato and Ngati Maniapoto tribes, Ngati Toa set out on a forced-migration south towards their promised new home in the Manawatu and Horowhenua. To get there they must pass through the difficult and dangerous Taranaki lands bringing everyone with them including children, the elderly and injured.

Also included from eye witness accounts is the famous single combat contest between the Waikato leader Te Wherowhero, who became Potatau (the first Maori king), and several dozen of the best fighters Te Ati Awa could muster. This duel is recognised as being without equal in our history.

The author pulls no punches and tells it like it was, violent, bloody, sad and inspiring.

Contains violence, cannibalism and references to rape and sex.

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by Tom O'Connor, mint condition – no autograph

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7 reviews for Pathways of Taranaki – second edition

  1. ray montgomery (verified owner)

    First two books where great reads waiting for the third

  2. Ross Robertson (verified owner)

    I have purchased a number of copies of all three titles in the Trilogy and have passed most of the books on to special friends with my recommendation. I particularly enjoyed the second edition of Pathways of Taranaki

  3. Les Hall

    Very powerful reading of both books. Read both multiple times. Cant wait for the third book

  4. Dave kana (verified owner)

    Fantastic reading I was raised from a baby at Maketu Kawhia behind Ahurei my partner was Scottish brought up with Maori in Porirua (Ngati Toa) so for sometime I’ve been wanting to know about Te Rauparaha and Ngati Toa therefore I am very thankful that your father wrote these books I’ve brought books 1 and 2 can’t wait for the third book but also I would like the new addition of book 1 Tides of Kawhia please once again fantastic reading plus just knowing how we Maori lived back then wow ever so grateful.
    Thanking You

  5. George Moss (verified owner)

    Still to read the third book in the trilogy. Really enjoyed the book, while I a reasonable familiar with a lot of Aotearoa’s history in terms of events and dates etc I had very little understanding of how Iwi society was structured and operated. A most worthwhile read and has allowed me to put context around and number of the historical points in time & happenings.

  6. Ralph Murray

    This was the second book of the trilogy that I read.I enjoyed the colloquial style of the writing.This no nonsense account of the culture and times of the people of Kawhia and their journey into Taranaki, was a gripping read.

  7. Tim Duff (verified owner)

    Brilliant, hard to put down and life changing read !
    Absolutely loved this trilogy, easily some of the best books I have ever read. Never have I learnt so much from reading with an incredibly well written and fascinating storyline.
    The first book “Tides of Kawhia” the main character Rou is young, the 2nd book “Pathways to Taranaki,” Rou is in his prime, the third book “shadows of Kapiti”, Rou is ageing in years and with it comes his wisdom. So the trilogy is sequential through Rou’s life.
    Although Rou is a fictional character, the way he lives is well described in Toms writing and its based on four decades of research into the old ways of Moari at the time. You will learn how they lived, sustained themselves like catching and growing food, how they travelled and fought in wars. The incredible thing is that all the events that happen in the book are believed to have actually happened, as those stories have been passed down through generations and now thanks to Tom have been documented.
    These books are true treasures that should be shared and read by everybody who wants to get a better understanding of Moari way of life around the time that Europeans started visiting and then settling in NZ.
    I found the way Tom describes detail in his book to be exceptional accurate, for example sea fearing. Ive spent a lot of time on the water paddling different Waka and Tom nails the description of what it would be like. Some people might find the Moari names used int he book tricky but what is brilliant is Tom has put a map and an index in the book so you can refer to them when you need clarification.
    Truly a masterpiece !! If you like these books you should also read Tom’s book “Irish Convict”, I was totally blown away by this book, way better than I expected. Its the same time period as the trilogy but this time the fictional character is Irish. Over about a 15 year period he is living with Moari and you gain even more understanding of how they lived at the time.
    Fascinating insight into how Europeans were able to settle here in NZ and why and how the treaty was formed.
    Incredible read ! Should be read in schools as part of the history curriculum, would make learning fun! Thanks Tom O’Conner your an absolute legend in my mind for producing these works. I cant wait for the fourth book, when Rou is of an old age ???

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