Irish Convict – Outback Shepherds

Irish Convict – Outback Shepherds


Due to popular demand (and the size of the original), the Irish Convict novel has been rewritten by Tom O’Connor into four novels with more to come. Outback Shepherds is book two of four for the Irish Convict series.

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Adapting to his new life as an Irish convict in the New South Wales penal colony is more difficult and frightening than Maurice O’Brien could have imagined. From a tiny well-ordered and relatively peaceful rural community in the south west of Ireland he is caged up with some of the roughest and dangerous men in the British Isles for three months at sea.
On arrival in a strange, dry and inhospitable land he was soon living and working with equally dangerous men on a remote and lonely sheep station. Nothing was familiar, soft or friendly as in Ireland. He has to become as hard and tough as they men around him to survive. The death sentence hangs over them for minor offences and escape is almost impossible – almost.
The second novel in a series called based on the true stories of many people from Ireland (and other british isles) who were convicted of crimes and transported to the continent now known as Australia to serve their sentence in the early 1800’s. It is a cruel punishment that leads many to desperate measures to survive.
Tom O’Connor is a historian and writer specialising in Maori history and topics.


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