Photo Competition

for the cover of Tides of Kawhia - third edition


Tides of Kawhia cover 3d blank template

wide enough for the back and front like the example below

photo competition example
star prize

The Winning Photo:

Will feature the glistening water of Kawhia Harbour or nearby waters in the Kawhia region.

Is landscape orientation (wider than it is tall) to wrap both the front and back of the book cover.

Has beach or foreground on the right-hand side for the main character to stand on

The top third of the photo should be sky for text and titles to stand out against

Taken at eye level so the perspective of the overlaid character image fits

Does NOT contain evidence of the modern era e.g. lawn, jetty or buildings. Some small objects in the distance can be edited and disguised such as boats, people, pastureland, non-native plants/trees. The novel Tides of Kawhia is set in the late 1700's so the cover design will reflect that era.

Terms and Conditions:

The photo entry was taken by yourself not somebody else.

Has enough width to cover the back, spine and front of the book cover. Approx. 340mm x 240mm

A full resolution of the photo is available at a minimum of 4015pixels wide and 2850pixels tall. (bigger is better to enable cropping and placement).

The winning photo will be edited by Kirsten Wilson Publishing for use on the cover including but not limited to cropping, adjusting the colour and contrast, adding the Maori character, disguising unwanted elements such as modern boats or radio towers in the distance.

Entries are open to anybody that wishes to submit their photo which may have been taken recently or some time ago.

Acceptable entries are digital photographs, not hardcopy photographs, illustrations or artwork. You may edit your photo or add filters before submitting your entry.

You may enter more than one photo. The competition is limited to 10 entries per person.

Enter online using the form above or by email to including your name, email address, and phone number along with your photo.

Your entry can be compressed or reduced in size to allow for email limits but a full resolution will be requested from the winning entrant.

This competition is hosted by Kirsten Wilson Publishing.

The judge for this competition is Kirsten Wilson - no further correspondence will be entered into after the winning photo has been selected.

If a cover photo is not selected from the competition entries, the prize will not be awarded.

Entries close midnight Fri 12 Feb 2021.

The winner will be announced and notified Fri 19 Feb 2021 or before.


The prize consists of:

Your photo will be used on the cover of the novel 'Tides of Kawhia - third edition' which will be printed and released approximately March 2021.

A one-off payment of $150 to your New Zealand bank account.

Your name credited inside the book for your image on the cover.

A copy of the book Tides of Kawhia third edition.

Tides of Kawhia - third edition

The first of a trilogy tells the story of a boy born into slavery in the highly stratified Maori society of pre-European New Zealand. Te Rou Rou was born at the same time as Te Rauparaha. They both grow into manhood in and around Kawhia under increasing conflict from inland tribes seeking the plentiful bounty of Kawhia or retaliation for previous conflicts. Te Rauparaha grows into a role of leadership while Rou becomes a highly skilled warrior. Based on the true events and little-known facts about Maori life from 1770s through to early 1800's, this novel is a fictional retelling but crammed with fascinating detail that will transport you back in time.

Tides of Kawhia was first published in 2004. It was republished by another publisher in June 2020 and quickly sold out. Kirsten Wilson, the author's daughter, saw an opportunity to improve the quality of the books and took over the publishing role. She published the second in the trilogy, Pathways of Taranaki (second edition) in Oct 2020 with great success. Kirsten is now working on republishing Tides of Kawhia (third edition) and Shadows of Kapiti (second edition) in the same high quality to complete the set and enable anyone to access them.